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=> 'Masato Kunita'
=> {prefer: ['Ruby', 'C#'], interest: ['F#', 'D'], attacked: ['PHP'], obfuscated: ['Perl']}
=> ['Natural Language Processing', 'Search Engine', 'Web Application (Sinatra, Rails)', 'Rich Client Application (WPF, Windows Store App)']
=> true


Participation in CTF (Capture The Flag) Contests

I'm a member of 'urandom' (from SECCON 2012 Final). I participate in SECCON CTF contests, but I'm just like a paperweight...

Operation of CTF Contests

I'm an initial member of tkbctf operation team. Mainly I am in charge of development/maintenance of a score server (earth/parasol). (Note that tkbctf is an unofficial contest, so there is no relationship with the university authorities.)

  • tkbctf1 (on May 4th - 5th, 2013) in charge of developing a score server (earth), making a challenge: Diva
  • tkbctf2 (on September 29th, 2013) in charge of developing a score server, making a challenge: SkillAnalyzer
  • tkbctf3 (on May 4th - 5th, 2014) in charge of developing a new score server (parasol)
  • tkbctf4 (on November 2nd - 3rd, 2014) ... challenges: Cheer of CPU, amida and rakuda

Twitter bot (not working now)

I created Twitter bot, @meitanbot. It generates the text by replacing nouns. This idea is from Reudy (Society for the Study of Botics, Tokyo Tech)